Monday, February 6, 2012

3D Rendering of the Kitchen Renovation!!!

SO, yesterday I shared with you the akward kitchen layout, and today I'm sharing with you my solution :) As I stated yesterday, we plan to completely eliminate the wall between the kitchen and eating area, and then widen the opening from the kitchen to the dining room.

The AMAZING result:

This rendering is pretty basic, but you get the idea!

Another huge piece of it is moving the fridge from the old kitchen area to the old eating area. It is weird, but the eating area has an extra foot of depth. By moving the fridge over a few feet and backing it into this alcove, we'll have a lot more room to walk around the island. Not to mention, the fridge won't look so weird sticking out in the middle of the room!

Big improvement, wouldn't you say?


  1. Wait - you did this 3D rendering yourself? I am so incredibly impressed!

    I think this is going to be a really fun undertaking, and it will definitely be worth the expense and sweat equity.

    You are going to have a gorgeous large kitchen that will make us all swoon! YAY!

  2. Um, amazing. That is going to be soooo cool and I will watch in unabashed jealousy when you transform your kitchen!!!! I cannot wait for you guys to do this!

  3. Oh, this is going to be fabulous!! Yay!

  4. I came across your post when searching for kitchen design ideas. They are gorgeous! Great job on the kitchen.

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