Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Craft: Valentine's Day Wreath

We are SNOWED IN!! It just keeps coming and coming. Being less than two weeks away from my due date, I've been slightly panicked I'll go into labor because even though the hospital is 5-miles from our house, it would probably take 2 hours to get there in this white-out!! I can just imagine myself delivering the baby in a snowbank. AHH!

Anyway, I wanted something hands on to do this weekend.. Usually for me that means cleaning, but the house is already spotless and 100% organized, so I decided to see what I had lying around the house to make a craft out of. Here is what I found:

  • Leftover Christmas Ribbon
  • Tacky Glue
  • Burlap
  • A piece of styrofoam obtained from a package we had shipped
Thus, the idea for a heart shaped wreath for Valentine' s day was born!

Since I can't draw anything freehand, I used a plate to trace the soft edges of the heart.

Then I used a piece of wood to draw the straight lines (Don't mind my outfit.. Like I said, 38-weeks pregnant! You wear whatever feels good!)


I then cut it out using a kitchen knife... As you can see, I also ended up cutting out a little handle at the top so I could hang it from my wreath hanger.

And just to warn you, little white bits of styrofoam go EVERYWHERE! Have your vacuum handy!

I then cut the ribbon into different sized triangles. To be more efficient, I put glue on multiple pieces at a time and then stuck them all to the foam at once. The tacky glue worked extremely well at holding the ribbon and the styrofoam together.

When it came to the sides, I just cut one long strip and wrapped it along the edge. It gave it a more clean look and let's be real, saved me a ton of time ;)

I then wrapped the top edge with burlap (at first I wrapped that section with red too, but it looked more like a shield and less like a heart, so I went back and re-wrapped with the burlap). I also tied a bow out of burlap as an accent piece.

 And ta da!!! The finished product!! Maybe not my best craft (it definitely looks better from a distance!), but I love that it brings a little V-day flare to our house, kept me happily occupied for 2-hours, and was free :)

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