Monday, October 21, 2013

24 Weeks!!

I feel great and HUGE! This little guy is certainly growing. He now kicks pretty often throughout the day (still mostly at night right as I'm trying to fall asleep though!) The nausea is now 100% gone, along with most of my crazy cravings and food aversions. I have a lot of energy throughout the day, but am still ready for bed by 8:30-9:00. I officially no longer fit in 90% of my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I've been doing a lot of maternity clothes shopping lately. I still think the best place by FAR is Old Navy. I dont think I've spent more than $30 on a single item and they are holding up very well! (I just can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes.. I'll wait to splurge next fall when I'm back to my pre-pregancy size and go crazy at J.Crew!) Nesting is also happening, bigtime! Not only am I cleaning and organizing everything in sight, I'm pretty sure I want to redecorate the whole house!

Overall we just cannot wait to meet to this little guy in early February. I never would have believed you could be so in love with someone that isn't even born yet, but we are! I am so excited about our little family <3
What's your best advice for someone about to embark upon the third trimester? And best advice for a soon-to-be new mom?


  1. Sara,
    Oh you look great, excited, and so happy with the new life growing inside you. I know you will be a great Mom.
    I can hardly wait now till the little guy is born. Feb. seems so far away, but the time will go quickly with Halloween,Thanksgiving and then Christmas following so close behind.
    Take care and stay healthy and keep nesting.
    Keep us posted because I know I'm not the only blogger friend who is excited for you and hubby.

  2. Enjoy this really special look great and tiny


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