Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snow Showers

I can't believe its March 25th and we have a BLIZZARD going on outside!

We woke up to over four inches of snow, and it is STILL coming down.. horizontally.. Yuck!  At least my house and my street look pretty:

Also, please say a teeny little prayer for my dog Tucker! For the second time in 3-months he has had a big abscess form under his chin. It is mostly just fluid build up (which in the past they've just drained), but this time they did surgery to remove the lymph node to try to keep it from swelling again because he is in so much pain when it does.
Poor guy HATES his cone and is so out of it. I swear you can see a tear in his eye in this picture!! I keep telling myself its all for the best in the long run, but its so hard seeing him in pain. The good news is they did all sorts of lab work and its not cancerous and they've ruled out anything "scary." Now we just need him to heal!
Hope you all are doing great!


  1. oh Tucker....Suz hates doctors too
    but hang in will be over soon
    ...sara..your block is beautiful and quaint
    ...such pretty snow...but I agree...enough already

  2. Poor Little Tucker. But the good news is that all will be well in time except the cone of shame.
    I always feel sorry for the dogs who have to wear these but it helps in the long end as some dogs will chew or lick at the stitches making the healing process even longer.
    He is such a cute dog. Sending him a big hug form the Witches Island.

  3. OK, do not *even* get me started on the snow. You got a lot more than we did so I should not complain and I will preface this with the fact that I am normally a huge lover of cold weather and Winter and snow, but once Spring officially arrives, I official am Over Winter. I was downright livid on Monday! Argh. Here's hoping for real Spring soon! I hope your sweet doggie is feeling better.


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