Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I was supposed to have 9 people coming into town this weekend to celebrate Easter, and I was soo looking forward to it.. But unfortunately, the cold/flu virus had other plans! So many of us were sick (including myself) that we ended up having to cancel :(

BUT, my house still looked really cute for the holiday regardless! Here are some pics :)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!


  1. Sara,
    Happy Easter to you and your hubby.
    Sorry you guys are feeling under the weather, sending you some chicken soup via e-mail hope it helps.
    Your house looks lovely all decorated, and you must have gotten the new Easter banner because I see the letter "t' is included in your new shot. Love the flowers on the table, so Spring like.
    Take care and I hope the Easter bunny found you.

  2. I love how you decorated! Sorry to hear you're feeling yucky - I hope you are on the mend soon :)

  3. Beautiful decor! My little boy was sick on Easter as well with the cold/flu :( a question, what is the wall color of your dining room and where did you find the white ladder stands?


  4. Thanks everyone - I'm FINALLY starting to fell better!

    Jennifer - The wall color is Martha Stewart's "Falcon" from Home Depot, and the ladder shelves were from Value City Furniture many years ago.. I just looked on their website and unfortunately don't see them anymore :( I know Crate & Barrel carries something similiar!

  5. Sara,
    I love all of your paint colors. Would you mind sharing them all?


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