Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summertime Blues

It is the time of the year when I cannot get enough BLUE in my life! Are you like me in the sense that you are obsessed with different colors at different times of the year? For me it is bright yellow in January and February, white March through May, blue June through August, golden yellow in fall, and green (and white again!) in December. Overall though, the blue is my favorite :)
Right now I'm loving navys and shades of cornflower blue. Here are some of my favorite products right now, which all happen to be blue!

1) J.Crew "Weekend Zip Hoodie" in Midnight
2) Tory Burch "Calita" Dress (ON SALE! Debating buying this... it may be too short...)
3) Blair Ritchey "Going to Market" Tote
4) Essie "Lapiz of Luxury" nail polish
5) Cabana Life Navy/Gold Embroidered Rashguard
6) Lululemon "High Times" cropped yoga pants **** As a new mom, I truly cannot speak highly enough of these pants! The waistband is sooo flattering for my little pooched belly! I seriously wear these every single day!

Any other cute blue things out there that I should be aware of?


  1. i've seriously been lusting after that tory burch dress on pinterest...ahh it's amazing


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