Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pregnant Mama Must Haves

I know 99% of you are not pregant, but there are a small handful of products I have sworn by during this pregnancy, and therefore have decided I have to share!

1) Eberjay Pajamas. They are SO SOFT! It is such a special treat to have these silky, cute, and comfy pajamas during a time when I feel so huge and sleep doesn't come easily.  I loved them so much that as soon as I bought a pair, I bought another pair (in this style). Also, while they fit my BIG belly perfectly, I also think they'll fit perfectly well later (and will be great for late night nursings)

2) Kleen Kanteen. I am always, always, always thirsty. This bottle keeps water ice cold and it gives me comfort that it is toxin-free. I bring this with me everywhere I go!

3) My husband Evan's XL hooded sweatshirt. (He has this one from J.Crew) It is soft, loose and cozy. Now that I'm in my third trimester, it is seriously the only thing I want to wear when I get home from work! Ladies, steal a sweatshirt from your man!

4) Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow. An absolute, 100% must have. I am pretty sure I would not be able to sleep without it at this point! (I even lugged it 250 miles away on a business trip with me because I could not bear the thought of going a night without it!) 

5) Honest Company Cleaning Products. The strong smells of the cleaning products I regularly use have  been extremely bothersome to me since becoming pregnant, but at the same time I've also become more obsessed with things being very, very clean and sanitized. A perfect solution has been Honest Company products - specifically their multi-purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, and toilet cleaner. They really get the job done and don't irritate me in the least! 

6) Clarisonic Mia. My skin's been a little crazy since becoming pregnant (hello hormones!) and this has really helped me get my skin feeling and looking clean! I have super sensitive skin so I only use it 2x a week, but its enough to really clean my pores and leave my skin feeling soft and great. Worth every penny!

7) Be Maternity BeBand from Target. AMAZING! I have a handful of these that I wear with all of my work pants and they have spared me from having to buy ANY maternity dress pants (which believe me I shopped for and shopped for but could not find any that fit!) At $16.99, just such an amazing product. 

Any other recommendations? I'd love to hear!

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