Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Parade of Homes - House #2 - Favorite Kitchen!

I took so many pictures of this kitchen, that I'm devoting a whole entire post just to this space.

It is beautiful! I don't even think the pictures do it justice (especially because I freaking had my camera on manual focus instead of auto focus and didn't notice it right away, ugh - sorry!)

I really love the countertops. They are "Alpine White" granite. I think this may be what I want to do in my kitchen! Slightly more durable than marble but same overall impact. Even my dad approved :)

What do you think?

This barn door kills me. I LOVE it!

I will share the rest of this house with you in my next post! Stay tuned!


  1. I was there! My sister and I visited the Parade of Homes this weekend. We shared some of our favorite rooms on our blogs.
    Mine: inspiredbynumbers(dot)blogspot(dot)com
    My sisters: www(dot)noelleaustin(dot)com
    I think they had some really beautiful houses this year. I loved this kitchen as well, especially the white brick back-splash. It reminds me of subway tile but with more texture. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures :)

  2. Sam that is awesome!!! I will check them out right now :) Thanks for visiting my site!

  3. This kitchen makes me swoon. I'm in love.

  4. Wow. This kitchen is stunning!!

  5. Love this! And I really like the extra texture from the white brick backsplash too. That countertop is great... I had kind of written off granite.

  6. These Parade of Homes houses are ok (good for décor ideas) but I like your home much more...it may not be as big (bigger isn't better in my book) as the Parade homes but your home looks much more loved. Keep up the great work & happy decorating! :)

  7. oh ya, the granite is KILLER!!!!!! It looks as if it might be a honed granite (dull finish, not super shiny) is it? I did my counters in a honed granite and get more compliments on the counters than anything else. I will never go back to the high polished stuff.


  8. Your style of presentation is very impressive.Use of wooden Decking Tiles giving a stylish look to this kitchen.Thanks for this wonderful post and hoping to post more of this.


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