Monday, February 18, 2013

Bathroom Reno Almost Done! Sneak peeks! :)

This bathroom renovation has been verrrrrrrry slow but I'm happy to say we are ALMOST done!

I will tell you, we have had some major challenges on this project. For instance:
  • Beadboarding the whole top off the bathroom over the old plaster walls, deciding I hated it, and removing it all down to the studs and re-drywalling the whole bathroom...
  • The room not being square OR level... Measuring and math are my specialty, but in this room we pretty much had to throw it out the window and do what just looks good to the naked eye. Totally goes against every fiber in my being, but it worked!
  • The vanity drawer not being able to closed because it EVER SO SLIGHTLY hit the plumbing work for the sink, and having to shorten the length of the drawer...
  • Breaking the beautiful Pottery Barn Quinn Beaded Pivot mirror last night as we were installing it, finding out it was sold out online, and calling 10 stores across the country to find it! (FOUND IT woo hoo! This time I will be so much more careful.. the whole issue makes me sick to my stomach...)
Here are a couple peeks of the ALMOST finished product:


  1. Hi Sara. Love your blog, my hubby and I have always done renovation to our old homes so I can relate! Pat yourself on the back for jobs well done and don't sweat the small stuff! ( like your beautiful mirror).

  2. Aw thanks so much!! Especially about the mirror, I needed to hear that :)

  3. Sara, looking awesome as always, and the sneak peeks are making me so curious to see the final version!

  4. hey is that marble?
    just beautiful
    ...ha ha about the mirror....but so glad you found it again....
    things like that always happen when we are so careful
    hope to see the entire bath with descritpion of materials

  5. can't wait to see the final product! We have a bathroom redo in our future!

  6. I would love to see how the walls turned up, Sara! That beadboarding sure was a major cause of delay. But it’s not a total waste though. This is just how renovations work. You have a clear image for your bathroom, but there would always be that one detail that wouldn’t make the outcome as beautiful as your vision. How are things going? :)


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