Friday, November 9, 2012

(Some) Progress on the Kitchen!

The drywall is done, the walls are painted, the new faucet is installed, the backsplash is finished, and the electrical work is complete!

Here is what it looks like in its current state:

Here is what is left to do:

We're getting there, SLOWLY but surely :)


  1. Its's looking amazing! Can't wait to see it all completed!

  2. Oh my heck. It's beautiful. Grey makes me super happy; thus I love your blog :)
    It look fantastic!

  3. Sara,
    What a amazing job you and hubby have done. You wouldn't even know it's the same kitchen. You really do have a special gift to be able to fore see how the end results will look. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Holy moly Sara, you guys have done SO well on this renovation! Honestly, you should feel so proud. I can't wait to see it finalized, the end is in sight!

  5. Where did you find those adorable kitchen stools?


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