Thursday, August 28, 2014

Parade of Homes Week 2014 - House #3

I LOVED the modern, farmhouse vibe the exterior of this house displayed! (Lately I've been leaning towards this style in general for some reason!) I love the painted brick, the black trim around the windows, the natural wood, the overhangs.. I think its all gorgeous!

My ONE issue with this house is that I felt like it was one of those homes that when you walk into it, it isn't what you expected based upon the exterior. I felt like the styles were a little disjointed. For example, I feel like the kitchen of this house belongs in a much more traditional home. I expected to see one that had a little more rustic, modern, streamlined style. Do you agree?

This house was built by 3 Pillars Homes and was listed for $989,500. It was 5,912 square feet and had 6 bedrooms 5.5 baths.


  1. Once again I totally agree with you! It is a beautiful home, but feel it should have been more rustic and cleaner inside to coordinate the outside style of the house!

  2. So I'm over a year late to this conversation, but I totally agree with you that the interior does not belong with this exterior! The exterior is gorgeous!! Totally love the modern farmhouse vibe. But the interior is so, so blah and traditional. I CANNOT STAND that kitchen!!! Ugh. What a disconnect.

  3. Totally agree. Love the outside, inside a huge disappointment. And who would ever hang books like that in an office? Really?

  4. Total Disappointment on the inside and also the outside right, I hate that they put traditional siding on that front right side. And I don't like that the garage sticks so far out in front of the house but I love the character they gave the front exterior of the garage. That's really cool. The remainder of the entire exterior is perfect in my opinion, for my tastes. I love a modern industrial farmhouse look but it should have continued inside.

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  6. Some of it has a modern flair, some traditional. An eclectic position always seems to be what makes the owner happy. I can not fault that as I enjoy seeing what makes others happy more than what fits a certain style. I do love a fitting internal and external style but I love the curiosities of people and their individual tastes more.

  7. I agree, the home is so gorgeous from the outside. The inside however could have been a bit more cohesive with what the exterior promised. Nonetheless, really LOVE the modern farmhouse vibe and the entire vision for the exterior 😍 Thanks for sharing
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  8. Can you share what stain color was used on the porch posts?

  9. Do you know the exterior paint color?


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