Tuesday, January 27, 2015

365 Days Ago

Tomorrow is Miles' first birthday!!

Which means that it was a year ago today that I went into labor at 38-weeks pregnant. I have such fond memories of this day too. I have a CRYSTAL CLEAR memory of it!

It was basic, normal Monday. I went to work, ordered in lunch with my team partner since it was cold and snowy outside, I met with various people to prep them to take over my projects when I went on maternity leave, and left at around 4:00. Overall I remember it just being a GOOD, calm, day (Which is sometimes rare where I work, lol).

I got home and was realllllly tired. I had a bowl of cheerios, took a shower, and put my feet up. A few hours later, I noticed I was spotting and I got a little concerned so I called my OB. She was working at the hospital that night so she told me to come in and they would just give me a quick check up to make sure everything looked ok.

I was glad she was going to check me out so I could have some peace of mind, but I was also SO UPSET that I was going to the hospital for a check-up because I wanted the next time I went to the hospital to be the time I was having my baby! (At this point, I was completely convinced I'd be home a few hours later!) We called our parents and told them what was going on, but not to get too excited or too concerned because it was a just a check-up.

We brought my hospitals bags JUST IN CASE they admitted me, dropped our dog off at my in-laws he wouldn't be alone if it were a really late night, and we headed to the hospital in a blizzard!

We get to the hospital and they bring us back to a triage room in the Labor and Deliver unit at around 10:30pm. I was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d and just anxious to hear that the baby was ok and we could go home. The nurse checks me out and confirms the heartbeat is strong and the baby looks great. She tells me they will just have the doctor take a look and then they'll send me home.

Well, the nurse leaves and not two minutes later my water breaks and I start having INSANE contractions. Elevens on an intensity scale of 1-10! So bad I made Evan go and get the nurse. The doctor and nurse come back 5-minutes later and check me out, and sure enough I was almost completely dialted and effaced and ready to go! I will never forget the moment they told me the baby was coming and instructed transport to bring me to a labor and delivery room immediately. What were the odds? Seriously? We were laughing the timing was so perfect!

I got my epidural around 11:30pm and then we called our parents to let them know the baby actually WAS on his way! I think we were all pretty much in shock in the most wonderful way! Obviously labor was painful and exhausting, but it was such a miracle to see this sweet little boy come into the world. When I reflect back on the year I think how much I truly loved pregnancy and caring for this absolutely amazing little boy and watching him grow! Love just isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about him and about the honor I feel it is to be his mom.

I can't believe tomorrow he will be ONE!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Friend's Houses - Meet Stacie!

I am pretty much completely in love with my friend Stacie's house! I love the overall coastal vibe and all of her beautiful accent pieces. Such a light, happy, beautiful home!

Here are some pictures shortly after she moved in as she was getting settled. I love that there are so many different arrangements that work so well in this space. It is the perfect shape! (You might think that is a random thing to pick up on, but if you had a long narrow family room like I have you would completely understand my envy!) 

I also love her entry table here on the left and the hanging lanterns next to the door. Such great accent pieces!

Love how her white dining set just pops against the dark floors. Perfect contrast!

Finally, I am obsessed with these awesome light fixtures! They totally tie in with the coastal feel of her house and have great character!

And how cute is her puppy Kingston? I want to dognap him and keep him for myself!! ;)

Stacie thank you so much for sharing your BEAUTIFUL home!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

GORGEOUS German Village Home Tour!

I stumbled upon this article in the Wall Street Journal which featured this amazing house in German Village in Columbus, Ohio and it was love at first sight! In the article they mention that is home was on the market, so then I did some Zillow stalking and found it online. To say that this house is amazing is an understatement! I am totally inspired by their vision and style!

Here are the pictures from the article:

And here are the pictures from Zillow:

LOVE the pop of yellow!

I want to move in!!! Only $975,000 :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Living Room Artwork

For Christmas, my brother-in-law drew these beautiful hydrangea pictures for me. We were falling out of love with the old artwork (here), and this is just the PERFECT replacement! The white on white is super refreshing and I love that it is so personal! 

Here is a close-up of my favorite one:

So talented! Thank you Steve!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Living Room Rug!

Our new rug has FINALLY arrived! I am so pleased. It makes the room feel bigger and yet cozier at the same time. Overall, I think it makes the room feel so much more finished! I L-O-V-E it!

We did not have a chance to repaint the coffee table this weekend but hopefully will get to that soon. Never thought I'd say this, but it is just too much gray! (On another note, I seriously don't know where this weekend went! I didn't get ANYTHING done!)

Tomorrow I'll share with you the new artwork on the other side of the wall!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

How Far We've Come... Master Bath!

This room is actually COMPLETE and I have no goals for this space for 2015, but stumbling along the pictures really made me appreciate how nice this bath is now compared to when we moved in. Therefore, thought I would still share!
This was my inspiration board:

Originally we put beadboard on the upper half of the wall, but when we did the full renovation we took it down and drywalled.

And the final result:

As crazy as it sounds, Miles has always slept best in this room in his moses basket!

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