Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"MVR" - Most Valuable Room

Winter is doing me in, completely!  I'm sure you feel the same.. (Except for my sister Amy who is currently living in Mexico. She always was the smarter sister!
Anyway, Evan and I keep saying how ABSOLUTELY THANKFUL we are that we have this mudroom. It looks pretty clean in this picture, but the floor is absolutely covered in salt, puddles, and paw prints. We are totally putting the "mud" in mudroom!
Overall this room is one of the things that sold us on our house. It is part of an addition that the previous owners constructed, and it is a God send! In houses like ours built in the early 1900s with detached garages, it is a super rare find and I'm so thankful we have this messy room as a dumping ground. Therefore, it wins my "Most Valuable Room" award :)
Now spring, hurry up and get here SOON!


  1. you have that right
    great looking room

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